Organisational and personal development

We work in partnership with client organisations to determine how to bring about change through working with individuals, teams and groups through coaching, facilitation and process consultation. We are experienced in the use of a variety of consultation, engagement and feedback techniques and specialise in supporting senior management and leaders to bring about organisational change. We have worked on leadership and change management projects with clients in central government and NHS Trust Boards.

Executive and Career Coaching

“If we do not change direction we are liable to end up where we are headed” – Anon

Some of the benefits of getting the support of a coach are outline below:

  • help you identify long-term attainable goals and support you in staying focused in meeting your goals.
  • give you honest opinions. They can assess your strengths and weaknesses and help you to have a better understanding of them.
  • help to bring about your personal transformation
  • finding better ways to reduce stress, increase effectiveness and create better balances in your life.
  • someone to point out what you cannot, will not or do not see;
  • a safe, confidential and secure outlet for you to explore new thoughts, ideas and emotions
  • contribute to creating organizational cultures that value learning, coaching and continuous improvement

In addition to one-to-one coaching, examples of our work using coaching in group situations include the following:

  • Leadership Development Programme for the Cabinet Office and the National School of Government for senior management within all Government Departments. The programme, Leaders UnLtd, addressed under-representation at the Senior Civil Service grades of Leaders with non-traditional backgrounds and characteristics.
  • Women’s Development Programme consisting of inter-personal and facilitation skills; action learning sets and one-to-one coaching; This 6-month programme aimed at women within administrative, supervisory and junior managerial grades ran for 5 years and attracted over 80 applicants. It led to the formation of a corporate-wide women’s network.

Team Building

We support teams and groups to achieve their objectives through conflict resolution, team building, process consulting and facilitating group dialogue,

We work with clients to determine their objectives and design and deliver bespoke team building events

Action Learning

We facilitate action learning sets and provide training in facilitation skills to build internal capacity

Human Resource Management

We can support you in conflict resolution through mediation, carrying out investigations and audits where independence
and objectivity are important ingredients.

Recruitment & Selection

We can offer effective recruitment and selection practices including fair selection training or one-to-one coaching for interviewers and line managers.

We offer support in any stage of the recruitment process from job evaluation design, writing job descriptions and person specifications, training in
shortlisting and interviewing skills through to the final selection decision.

We can advise on how to ensure fairness and consistency in your recruitment and selection processes, procedures and practices are fair and consistently
applied so help to avoid potential claims of unfair treatment or discrimination.

Personnel Procedures and Practice

Developing effective internal personnel systems

We have backgrounds in HRM and other service delivery roles within private and public sector organisations and so are able to offer effective, cost
conscious and pragmatic solutions for your business. We can,

  • carry out equality audits of your personnel policies and procedures
  • identify good practice and advise on how they can be updated to meet current equality legislative requirements.

Performance Management

We are able to provide guidance on how to incorporate SMART equality and diversity objectives into your objective setting process. We can
show you how to monitoring and report on progress against objectives.

Advice and support on developing key performance indicators, designing appraisals schemes and a ppraisal skills training, coaching and mentoring.

For more information on any of our offerings and how we may be able to help you, please contact Juliette Brown at